Plantains and Fried Eggs! Why didn’t I discover these sooner??

Hey all!

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Tomorrow is finally Spring so let’s get ready for some lukewarm weather, sunshine, more rain and of course beautiful flowers.

This past weekend I was at Atlantic City with a few of my friends. I am not much of a gambler except for roulette and craps and the slot machines are just boring. On Saturday I wanted to explore the city. I went out talk to a few locals about what else to do besides gambling and shopping at the malls. I’ve met one person from Ecuador and she showed me around her neighborhood. We went to one local restaurant that served great Latin american foods. I got to admit, the only thing I had that was close to it were my tacos. This restaurant had everything; rice, fish, tacos, enchiladas, pork, chicken, and a dish called Bandeja paisa which is a platter that consists of beans shredded pork, friend egg and this special food that was really sweet called Plantain.

I asked my Ecuadorian friend about them to see if they were just like bananas. She laughed and told me that ‘Plantains are in the same family as bananas. However, you cannot eat them like a banana since they are raw.’ I also learned from her that plantains are either  grilled, baked, or fried. There are also other variations of plantains but they are either green, which are unripe that you can find as plantain chips or yellow which are ripe that what I had with my Bandeja paisa. I asked her if I can buy these plantains in the supermarket. She said “Of Course! They are very cheap! I highly recommend that you grab some. I usually eat my plantains with fried eggs.” Shortly after I ate my meal and enjoyed the rest of the night with her, I quickly wrote down my next recipe with plantains. I told my buddies about this while heading back home and they said it sounds like a good idea to execute. I stopped over at Shop Rite and bought eight ripe plantains, which only costed me five dollars.(She was not kidding about how cheap it was).

So now I present you the plantain recipe.


  • 2 yellow plantains(you can use green as well if you like them crunchy but its not as sweet)
  • 3  cups of Canola Oil
  • 1 egg
  • 1 tablespoon of milk

Wait only 4  ingredients?? Yes this recipe is that simple and cheap


  1. Cut the ends off each side and make a slit from top to bottom on each plantain.IMG_1063
  2. After making a slit, peel off the skin of each plantain IMG_1064
  3. Make slices from top to bottom IMG_1065 IMG_1066
  4. In a separate bowl, crack 1 egg and add the tablespoon of milk. Beat the egg and milk until they are evenly mixed.  IMG_1067 IMG_1068
  5. Warm up the pan and add the 3 cups of Canola Oil.
  6. Add the chopped plantains in the pan. Flip them over only when it is golden brown on one side. You do not want to burn them.  IMG_1069 IMG_1070
  7. After frying your plantains and setting them aside on a plate, get a second pan, preferably a smaller one for your eggs.  IMG_1071
  8. Use some of the oil from the pan you used to fry your plantain. Not too much but just enough that the oil coats the pan
  9. Add the egg mix onto the pan. The trick is to not flip the egg early. Flip it when you see a brown crust forming around the egg.  IMG_1072
  10. After frying the egg on both sides, serve it on the same pan with the plantains.
  11. Sprinkle salt and Serve
  12. Voila!
Fried Plantains!

Fried Plantains!

Fried Plantains with Egg Plantain and Egg Fried Egg

Wow! This whole recipe lasted less than 10 minutes. Why didn’t I discover plantains sooner??? I would eat these before and after work! Very sweet, filling and great for time as well. They are cheap to buy and easy to prepare. Shout out to my Ecuadorian friend I’ve met in Atlantic City that told me about plantains. Shout out everyone who’s following, cooking and enjoying life. You guys truly inspire me to cook and share my recipes. Happy Spring everyone!



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