Father ate my buns. Still enjoyed my Burger without them – Burger Recipe

Hi all,


It has been a while. Hope everyone is enjoying their month of April and had a Happy Easter. I cannot believe in less than two weeks, May will start. Last weekend my parents came over for Easter. They usually bring the rest of the family over along with any home cooking that they made. That afternoon I wanted to cook something for myself. I already had a pasta madness this past week and I was craving for something fried yet healthy. My mother said why not make a burger, its pretty simple and quick to make. Great idea mom!

So I happen to have ground beef to make the burger along with other ingredients to season it. Pretty much to make a burger you get the amount of ground beef that you can eat, season, cook it to the specific type that you like your burger( either medium, medium well, etc…) then add your toppings. I had all of my ingredients and I started to make my recipe.

I bought potatoes the day before but I realized that I already had bag of potatoes that I neglected in the garage. Instead of wasting them, I grabbed two large ones and made homemade season fries, the same what I prepared them from my last recipe.

Everything was going well. I took my burger buns, toasted them and placed them on the plate,waiting for the burger. I had to quickly go to the bathroom after I seasoned my burger and cut up my fries. THAT WAS A MISTAKE! While I was in the bathroom, my father saw the toasted buns and ate them.  He loves anything made out of wheat: bread, rolls, muffins, and BUNS! I came back but I did not notice at first that my buns have been devoured. It was around the time when I started to cook my burger meat I noticed that the buns were missing. I asked my parents if they have thrown it out. My father immediately told me that he ate the buns,not knowing that they were for me. My mother and I were visibly upset. I told my father initially that I was making a burger and I was using those buns. Unfortunately those were my last buns, since my room mates love to make sandwiches and used the buns.

What am I supposed to do??? Should I just scrap everything that I have prepared for myself. All the seasoning, cutting of potatoes, anxiously making the burger would all be a waste of time? I said to myself ‘Do I really need buns to enjoy my burger meat?” I pretty much have starch to enjoy with it, which are the home made fries! So I laughed it off and told them that I can still eat a burger without the buns. My mom said that she can drive out and get some. I told her not to worry. You have done more than enough in my life, I want you to see me cook my first hamburger! She was delighted to hear that and saw my preparation


  • Ground Beef
  • 1/2 tablespoon of Seasoned Salt(Or regular salt)
  • 1/2 tablespoon of Black Pepper
  • 1/2 tablespoon of Ground garlic(regular cloves will work too)
  • Canola Oil
  • Cheese of your liking!
  • Buns(In this case No Buns!)
  • Two potatoes


  1. Cut the two potatoes in half then cut them vertically starting from one side to the other Potatoes
  2. Combine the seasoned salt, pepper, and ground garlic in one bowl. Combine and save  to season the burger  IMG_1126
  3. Defrost your ground beef and grab a handful of it. Add it to a bowl and season the ground beef with the mixed seasoning you had before. Season it on all sides IMG_1129
  4. Flatten the ground beef so it will be ready to cook burger patty
  5. Add canola oil for the fries(3 cups) in one pan and add 1/4 cup of canola oil in another pan for the burger IMG_1132
  6. Add the burger in the pan. Cook it evenly on all sides. I like mine medium well so fry it on each side for 2-3 minutes. IMG_1133 IMG_1135
  7. I added shredded cheese, just to be different. Here just add your favorite cheese and let it melt. IMG_1136
  8. Add the cut potato slices in the other pan. Fry them until they are golden brown on all sides. IMG_1134
  9. Take them out, both your burger and your fries and put them on a plate. If you have a bun, add the burger between them. If you were unfortunate like me, still put them next to your fries
  10. Voila!

Burger Recipe Burger Recipe Burger Recipe


This seriously turned out really well. Regardless of whether I had hamburger buns or  not, I was happy that I made my  first burger recipe. You can be creative with this and add lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and other toppings that you usually add on your burger. I just added ketchup on mine. Great recipe and this took me 15 minutes to prepare and make everything. Thanks for the inspirations everyone! I truly appreciate the feedback and recipes that you guys make as well.




4 thoughts on “Father ate my buns. Still enjoyed my Burger without them – Burger Recipe

  1. Ever try your burgers over greens? I love veggie burgers over greens. Basically you fix your self a nice baby spinach and romaine leaf salad. Maybe some carrot shavings and you put the veggie burger or meat burger on top. Great way to cut out the carbs.


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