Cheese-steak sandwich after work

Cheese-steak sandwich after work

Trying to find time to cook while you have a full time job is pretty difficult. I currently work at a physician’s office, tutor chemistry and applying for graduate schools. I was sick and tired of going to work on an empty stomach, getting fast food  for lunch and after work, and preparing frozen meals that are not nutritional. I finally decided to make my own meals.

Cooking might seem difficult at first and I was terrified to even attempt it. After buying a few cookbooks, going to different food expos and asking my family members their recipes(the ones that know how to cook) I had ideas of what kind of foods to make during each day of the week.

I am not a professional chef, nor enrolled in a culinary school. If you take some time before you start work and after you arrive straight home, no pit stop at McDonald’s, you will make great foods that you will enjoy.

I will blog about my journey, conquering my fears of cooking various recipes. I will post up recipes along with photos that I made before and after work. Recipes range from chicken omelet to penne ala vodka. All of these recipes take between 5 to 20 mins max that will be for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Even with a 40+ hour work week, I am still able to make these recipes. If I can do it, you can as well!



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